The Chivalry Charade


From time to time we at The MOD Love Show like to post an article for discussion on our Facebook page. Recently we had some listeners talking about James Sama’s blog post about 8 Acts of Chivalry to Bring Back. Given that I’m writing this post right now, you just know I have a bone to pick with it. Read more

man with business card

Truth in Advertising

man with business cardGather ’round, men. We need to talk.Wait! Don’t go away, ladies. I have something for you, too. Let me address the men first, though.

Ok guys, if there’s one thing I’ve heard from women more than anything else it’s that they’re frustrated with men not representing themselves honestly. They say things like, “Why does he ask me to hang out rather than saying let’s go on a date!” or “Why does he say he’ll come by sometime and then never show up or call?” Read more