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West decries Isengard’s human rights violations

angry sarumanMINIS TIRITH – The Kingdom of Gondor’s Security Council took up the issue of Isengard’s orc- and human-rights situation Monday, a move considered by some on the Intra-Middle Earth Gray Council to be dangerously provocative. Isengard, which has long been accused of horrific treatment of both its Uruk Hai and Wildling populations, recently came under fire for their alleged participation in an attack on Rohan. Read more

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Happy Holidays from MOD Love

holiday videoWith the holiday season upon us, Jodi and I decided to put together a quick holiday video to thank our fans for all of their support and to wish them the happiest of holiday seasons. We did manage to have some fun making it. With video being so easy to create and share, do you find yourself putting together a video Christmas card to share with family and friends? Read more

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It Works! In Theory…

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My dad, Bob

For most of my IT career I’ve been known as The Troubleshooter. Have a problem that’s stumping everyone? Give it to Steve. Been getting the run-around with tech support? Hang up and call┬áSteve! I may have developed a reputation.Wondering what magic I use to do it? Want to learn how to troubleshoot? Read on.

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