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Dealing with male anger

I’ve recently taken greater notice of an online action<->reaction phenomenon in which the response to some comment, post, or action is met with a response totally out of proportion. Think “killing a mosquito with a nuclear bomb” kind of out of proportion. And, yes, it’s usually guys taking it to a potentially violent level. It doesn’t have to be that way. Read more

ZUMBA Class and This Blog’s Two Year Anniversary – an Expression of Gratitude 

Warning:  This may NOT be funny. This blog is about “Gratitude”. ” and I don’t know that I can make this funny.  April 22, 2015 is my two year anniversary of going to ZUMBA class. (And a little over 6 years of tango and almost 7 of yoga, all while gradually changing my diet and […]

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How to Meet People

If you’ve ever taken the plunge and moved away from home to a new town or city, you’ve likely faced the daunting task of making new friends. I was recently asked about this in a response to another blog post. I’ll tell you what worked for me, but first, a little background. Read more

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Charmed, I’m Sure: A Rebuttal

Jenn C, a northern transplant and marketing enthusiast (I’m really not sure what that is, but anyway) recently got Charlestonians in an uproar with her recent blog post. In it she explains why Charleston isn’t the town for her. Well, she upset quite a few folks and seems to be at a loss for why. Lemme ‘splain. Read more

Quitting Sugar or the Descent into Madness. 

I’m sure you’ve read an article (or 779 of them) or heard a news report about the benefits of giving up sugar.  So, I’m not writing about any of THAT other than to point out that while all the touted benefits may be true, any article I’ve seen omits the “descent into madness part”. If […]

Stage Talk: Tape

Stage Talk: Tape

Stephen Belber’s 1999 play Tape is noted for its edginess and surprise twists. Charleston’s Threshold Repertory Theatre is bring this engaging play to their stage and I had a chance to sit down with director Jay Danner and his amazing cast and crew to talk about what it takes to put on such a challenging show. Give a listen. Read more

angry man

I shouldn’t have said that

Here it is, Lenten Season for our Christian friends and, having been raised Catholic, old habits die hard. It’s with this in mind that I offer up my own moment of atonement. I said some things I shouldn’t have. Read more

Do men really suck?

Do men really suck?

A quick browse through my Facebook newsfeed would suggest that many of the women I know think men suck. Oh, the memes and the snide comments pop up so often that I mostly just gloss over them. Every now and then though I think, “WTF? We don’t all suck that bad!” That happened just the other day and it made me sit back a moment. Where did that reaction come from? Read more