The Flick by Annie Baker

Preview: The Flick at Threshold Repertory Theatre

If you were to write a play about 3 very ordinary people living very ordinary lives and working in very ordinary jobs, you’d likely end up with a very ordinary play. But if you’re award-winning writer Annie Baker, you’ll end up with a Pulitzer Prize winning play called The Flick.

I had a chance to sit down with Director Mark Gorman and the cast of Threshold Repertory Theatre’s production of this award-winning show. Listen in! Read more


Here’s the Facebook instant message from my 6ft 8 in 125 pound  (I may be exaggerating his height and weight just a little, but just to keep him anonymous ;))  good male friend that started this rant: “In other news, I’m setting my running ensemble aside for future yoga wear and shopping up some yoga clothes – WTF?! […]

some toppings are a good match

Bad matches

The best matches come when you pair two great tastes that taste great together. This is especially important in relationships.

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