Audition Instructions for Voice Actors

Straight Talk Entertainment often posts casting calls for voice actors to be a part of our Aural Traditions audio drama. If you are new to auditioning for Aural Traditions, please see the guidelines below on how to audition for and submit to Straight Talk Entertainment. Want to get on our casting call mailing list? Scroll down or click here.

All Actors

If you are given sides to audition with and those sides include other characters, please arrange to have a separate reader. Your reaction to other characters’ lines are important! Your reader does not need to be a professional voice actor, though we have cast readers in the past who were really good.

Occasionally, we may ask an actor to prepare their own audition, whether a monologue or some dialogue. Our casting call will attempt to describe the type of show so that you can choose an appropriate audition piece (drama, comedy, farce, lighthearted, etc). An audition recording should be roughly 60 seconds.

If you have a voice reel for voice acting (versus narration or commercial work), you may submit that to us at any time. Casting calls may require a specific audition in addition, but having a sample of your abilities gives us an idea of what skills we have available. On occasion we’ve pulled from this pool for last minute adjustments. Sometimes laryngitis happens!

In the past we’ve made every effort to contact everyone who submitted even if they weren’t cast, even though that isn’t standard in the industry. As the number of submissions has increased, though, the logistics for doing so have become more difficult. Please understand that we may not always send out rejection notices, but we will announce the final casting results as soon as we receive confirmation from all actors offered a role. We truly appreciate your understanding on this.

When submitting, please include the Production Name and the Role(or primary role, if multiple) in your Subject line. This allows us to better organize the submissions and ensure yours doesn’t get lost in the mix.

Local Actors

If you are auditioning for a role that requires a local recording session (typically in Charleston, SC USA), your audition recording does not need to be studio quality, but it should be high enough quality to give us a good representation of your voice acting abilities. Most modern smart phones, given a quiet room to record in, will create a recording of sufficient quality.

Please use whatever voice memo app your smartphone supports and find a quiet room (or closet) to record in. Most voice memo apps allow you to email the recording straight from the app, if necessary. You may send the recording directly to us at

Remote Actors

We have an abundance of local talent here in Charleston, and our mission is to give a platform for our local creatives to have their work heard. That said, there are occasions when we accept submissions for remote actors. Typically these are smaller roles, though not always.

If you are submitting to a casting call with the intent to record on your own, your audition must also demonstrate the highest quality recording you’re able to manage. We need to hear how well your voice will mix into our production.

Please submit your audition in .wav format:

  • 32-bit
  • 44,100 Hz

Since .wav files can get large, we encourage you to use a free filesharing service, such as Dropbox, and send us a link to your audition at

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