How to Field Dress an Android Poster

Preview: How to Field Dress an Android at What If? Productions

Set in an indeterminate future, How to Field Dress an Android, which won What If? Production‘s 2014 Playwright’s Festival, brings a rarity to the stage – science fiction. We’re not talking phasers, death stars, or giant sand worms, we’re talking people. And androids. And people killing androids. For sport. This isn’t a play about technology, it’s a bit more complex than that.
Listen in as Steve talks to the cast and director of Irene Pynn’s play How to Field Dress an Android. Read more

Leah Kirk and Tiffany

Preview: Summer Lovin’ at the C-PAC

When you hear the word summer, what do you think of? Beach blanket bingo? Surf city? Do you want to stretch right up and touch the sky? Well, the temperature’s risin’ and it isn’t surprising that the time is right – for Summer Lovin’. Join me for this preview of the Charleston Performing Art Center’s production of Summer Lovin’. Read more

Preview: Charleston – The Musical at C-PAC

Preview: Charleston – The Musical at C-PAC

Following the Civil War, the city of Charleston continued to suffer through destruction and devastation brought on by the earthquake of 1886 and numerous deadly hurricanes. Through all this, the city forged a unique personality, distinct from the rest of the South. In Charleston The Musical, we discover much about the city, its people, and the birth of ragtime, tap dance, jazz, and that dance sensation, the Charleston. Listen in as I provide a preview of this wonderful show, now playing on James Island. Read more

The Flick by Annie Baker

Preview: The Flick at Threshold Repertory Theatre

If you were to write a play about 3 very ordinary people living very ordinary lives and working in very ordinary jobs, you’d likely end up with a very ordinary play. But if you’re award-winning writer Annie Baker, you’ll end up with a Pulitzer Prize winning play called The Flick.

I had a chance to sit down with Director Mark Gorman and the cast of Threshold Repertory Theatre’s production of this award-winning show. Listen in! Read more

Stage Talk: Tape

Stage Talk: Tape

Stephen Belber’s 1999 play Tape is noted for its edginess and surprise twists. Charleston’s Threshold Repertory Theatre is bring this engaging play to their stage and I had a chance to sit down with director Jay Danner and his amazing cast and crew to talk about what it takes to put on such a challenging show. Give a listen. Read more

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Review: The Pruning Session podcast

As a creator of podcasts I have to admit that I rarely have time to be a consumer of such media. A short commute, a job that requires focus, and most free time devoted to writing and producing leave me with little chance to hear all the great stuff that’s out there. I recently took a few hours to review a number of podcasts, though, and there’s one that stands out that I just need to share. I give you: The Pruning Session.

Read more

Burlesque Pose

Preview: Fever

The performers at the Charleston Performing Arts Center have a Fever, and you’re going to want to catch this one!

I had a chance to meet with C-PAC CEO Scott Pfeiffer and his talented cast to discuss their latest show, Fever, and what it takes to bring a dance production to the stage. Give a listen and enjoy some pictures of these incredible artists.

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“FEVER” is a celebration of the songs and singers that changed the course of sexual expression for women. It is a tribute to the courage, the sensuality, and the empowered approach of these groundbreaking women.


February 5 – March 7

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (8:00pm)

Valentine’s Special: Feb 13 and 14 (7:30pm and 10:00pm)

Starring: Amy Douglass, Candace Shedd-Thompson

Tickets: $25.00-$45.00

Buy Online:

Box office: 843-991-5582

The Charleston Club

At the Charleston Performing Arts Center

873 Folly Road, James Island

Director Robin Burke

Preview: Don’t Cry for Me Margaret Mitchell

margaret mitchell posterNothing evokes the image of the genteel south as Gone with the Wind and, with its character connections to Charleston, no novel or movie generates such palpable passion here in the Holy City. Did you know the movie was almost a bomb? With a script filled with holes and a budget reaching a breaking point, one of the most famous movies of all time almost didn’t get made.  Read more

5 guys named moe

5 Guys Named Moe – Midtown Productions

5 guys named moe
As part of Piccolo Spoleto, 2103, Midtown Productions staged the Tony Award nominee and international sensation 5 Guys Named Moe. Steve gives an audio review on The Cardinal James Show.