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Casting Call: Candy Haus

This is an open casting call for voice actors in the Charleston, SC area. Please share this with the actors that you know.

We have the following roles open for our upcoming production of Candy Haus, a new work to be released as part of our audio drama anthology Aural Traditions. Please note that these are unpaid roles. Also note that recording will be during the day on Saturday, September 10th (roughly 11am – 3pm). If you are not available for that date and time, please don’t audition. There will be other productions in the future – we promise. Read more

Stage Talk Preview: Love’s Labour’s Lost

Stage Talk Preview: Love’s Labour’s Lost

Threshold Repertory Theatre’s summer Shakespeare workshop is kicking off its 5th year and bringing the laughs with it. The Bard’s Love’s Labor’s Lost is being brought to the stage with a modern, Charleston flair. With word play and physical humor in abundance, this is a very approachable show and a great way to introduce newcomers to Shakespeare to all that makes him a classic. Give a listen as I get to chat with the cast and director of this special production. Read more

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Stage Talk Preview: Fever 2016

When we think of the women’s rights movement, some of the first things that come to mind are Susan B Anthony, suffragettes, and protesters. Gloria Steinem, Ms magazine, and bra burning. While these were key components of the fight for equal rights and opportunities, there were many more women carrying the battle flag in their own way. Frustration was high and emotions ran hot. Hot enough for a Fever.

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Stage Talk Preview: Bent

Stage Talk Preview: Bent

Martin Sherman’s 1979 play, Bent, is an exploration of what it means to be human and how we can survive, with our humanity intact, in even the worst conditions. Taking place in Nazi Germany, it follows Max, a gay man thrown into a concentration camp. Threshold Repertory Theatre has taken on the challenge of bringing this powerful story to life and I had the pleasure to get a preview. Give a listen to my backstage interview. Read more

Audio Book Preview: Ghosts of Charleston

Written by Julian T. Buxton III, owner of Tour Charleston, Ghosts of Charleston examines many of the supposed ghosts of Charleston, South Carolina, explaining both tales of hauntings and the history behind each. Straight Talk Entertainment has the honor to produce the audio book version of this publication. Recording began this week, with noted actor Rodney Lee Rogers providing the narration. Give a listen to this clip from the first session.


iTunes SEO - Getting Found

iTunes SEO: Getting Your Podcast Found

If you’re like me, you’re always looking to grow your podcast’s listener base. You’ve identified your demographic, sussed out your social media strategy, and kicked off numerous marketing campaigns. You’re doing everything you need to reach out to your target audience. So, what are you doing to be found by everyone else? For all those people you aren’t targeting, what’s the plan for getting found? This is where we have to explore the mysteries of iTunes SEO. Read more

Stage Talk Preview: Christmas Cabaret

Stage Talk Preview: Christmas Cabaret

The temperature is dropping, colored lights are popping up all around the neighborhoods, and Christmas music fills the air. No where is that more apparent than at the Charleston Performing Arts Center on James Island, where their talented troupe of performers is staging a Christmas Cabaret. Once again, Straight Talk with Steve has a backstage look at this fantastic show! Read more