Kimi Hugli

Stage Talk Preview: A Wrinkle In Time

Madeleine L’Engle’s young adult novel A Wrinkle In Time has been a cherished story for decades. Recently adapted to the stage, Threshold Repertory Theatre has accepted the challenge of bringing this sci-fi fantasy to Charleston. Once again, the good folks at Threshold allowed me a backstage glimpse at the production and a chance to talk with the cast and crew.

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How to Field Dress an Android Poster

Preview: How to Field Dress an Android at What If? Productions

Set in an indeterminate future, How to Field Dress an Android, which won What If? Production‘s 2014 Playwright’s Festival, brings a rarity to the stage – science fiction. We’re not talking phasers, death stars, or giant sand worms, we’re talking people. And androids. And people killing androids. For sport. This isn’t a play about technology, it’s a bit more complex than that.
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Motion Sensor Plumbing Etc

I don’t know about you, but I find motion sensor plumbing only works correctly somewhere around 50% of the time As I was in a very modern bath the other day, I found myself pondering just exactly how we got stuck with this crap. (Pun intended).  “If I have to push that flush lever one […]

Preview: Charleston – The Musical at C-PAC

Preview: Charleston – The Musical at C-PAC

Following the Civil War, the city of Charleston continued to suffer through destruction and devastation brought on by the earthquake of 1886 and numerous deadly hurricanes. Through all this, the city forged a unique personality, distinct from the rest of the South. In Charleston The Musical, we discover much about the city, its people, and the birth of ragtime, tap dance, jazz, and that dance sensation, the Charleston. Listen in as I provide a preview of this wonderful show, now playing on James Island. Read more