West decries Isengard’s human rights violations

angry sarumanMINIS TIRITH – The Kingdom of Gondor’s Security Council took up the issue of Isengard’s orc- and human-rights situation Monday, a move considered by some on the Intra-Middle Earth Gray Council to be dangerously provocative. Isengard, which has long been accused of horrific treatment of both its Uruk Hai and Wildling populations, recently came under fire for their alleged participation in an attack on Rohan.

In discussing the situation, Gondorian spokesman Lord Faramir claimed that, “the ongoing abuses around Orthanc have received a blind eye for far too long. From squalid conditions in the orc breeding dens to horrendous dental hygiene, the people of Isengard have been subject to some of the worst treatment since the fall of Angband.”

The spokesbeing for Mordor, the Mouth of Sauron, decried the actions of the West saying, “there are those in Gondor and beyond that would seek to extend their hegemony into all aspects of civilization. The East and our allies will not be threatened in such a manner.” Both Mordor and Far Harad have displayed a willingness to stand up to what they call “Western Imperialism.”

Saruman, meanwhile, has fought back with claims of his own, suggesting the West, and especially the elves of Rivendell, have been waging a propaganda campaign against them, misrepresenting the glorious lifestyle his people enjoy and embroiling them in a false flag situation regarding the attack on Rohan.

The recent attack, which caused the unauthorized release of thousands of scrolls detailing battle plans and weapon designs, as well as personal correspondence of the royal family, has been attributed to Saruman’s horde. According to Gondorian sources, the attacks had all the earmarks of an Orthanc intrusion – painted white hands were found on the furnishings in the halls of Meduseld and footprints across the fields of Rohan were said to lead directly to the Gap of Isengard. Not all within Rohan are convinced of Orthanc’s involvement, however.

Grima Wormtongue, advisor to King Theoden, stated that the evidence against Saruman’s horde is “completely circumstantial and that the ability to paint white hands and create foot prints is not something unique to our neighbor to the west.” Isengard has offered to participate in a full investigation into the actual culprit in the breach. So far, Minis Tirith has declined. Instead, they have requested Mordor’s involvement in preventing further incursions, a request that has so far met with silence.

Rohan, which recently cancelled its Solstice Soiree due to anonymous threats following the breach, has vowed to stay the course and provide a mid-winter celebration for its people. The Soiree has received considerable attention since its cancellation, attention that was lacking prior to the breach. This has led some to suggest the breach was just a publicity stunt. A suggestion quickly dismissed by King Theoden.

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