Review: The Pruning Session podcast

As a creator of podcasts I have to admit that I rarely have time to be a consumer of such media. A short commute, a job that requires focus, and most free time devoted to writing and producing leave me with little chance to hear all the great stuff that’s out there. I recently took a few hours to review a number of podcasts, though, and there’s one that stands out that I just need to share. I give you: The Pruning Session.

If you’re like me, you love music but are often challenged to find really good stuff. My local terrestrial radio stations play all the highly hyped crap coming from the big labels (and played incessantly), but it’s rare to find the deep tracks and the indie artists that are creating cutting edge art. Granted, I’m very fortunate to live in Charleston, which has a fantastic live music scene, but there’s a lot more out there that can be difficult to discover. Now there’s an easy way.

Hosts Moksha and Jesse dig through all the great stuff that’s out there and bring us the tunes that strike their fancy. They don’t just focus on a single category, they go all over the place, from soulful Motown vets to up-and-coming electronic artists, I was truck by how many of their recommendations belong in my own library – and soon will. These guys know how to pick some awesome stuff.

You will enjoy the professional sound of this show, too. On my first listen I thought I was hearing two veteran radio guys dishing out their passion for good music. The passion is real, but the two hosts are living a very non-radio life. You can give a listen here:

You know I’ll always encourage you to check out great local artists like The Dunder Chiefs and Tyler Boone, and local Internet radio such as, but for those times you want to experience the wide world of music as seen from outside the aura of The Holy City, subscribing to The Pruning Session would be a great choice.

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