riding the negativity train

Stop seeking the negative

Did you hear the Internet uproar recently about BudLight’s ad campaign that featured the phrase “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary?” The keepers of all that is right and fair in the world were notably flustered and offended. And who doesn’t love to be offended from time to time? Me, actually. Read more

Do men really suck?

Do men really suck?

A quick browse through my Facebook newsfeed would suggest that many of the women I know think men suck. Oh, the memes and the snide comments pop up so often that I mostly just gloss over them. Every now and then though I think, “WTF? We don’t all suck that bad!” That happened just the other day and it made me sit back a moment. Where did that reaction come from? Read more

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Stuck to the Negativity Magnet

Thanks to the recent, ugly departure of the Florida State University Seminoles from the College Football Playoffs, there has been a considerable amount of commiserating and complaining online. A mutual friend of ours made the comment that FSU fans are the worst. Being from Boston, myself, I’ve always heard the same negative reaction to [Red Sox | Patriots | Bruins] fans. And yet, both Jodi and I have known so many great, polite, enthusiastic, and friendly fans of our teams, we wondered where these opinions come from? And then it struck me. Read more

nerdy guy with camera

We Can’t All Be Brad

creepy guy with cameraI tend to enjoy the articles by Dr NerdLove, as they speak to men about relationship topics in a straightforward manner. In his recent article about creeper moves and Brad Pitt, however, I think he lost his way.

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