nerdy guy with camera

We Can’t All Be Brad

creepy guy with cameraI tend to enjoy the articles by Dr NerdLove, as they speak to men about relationship topics in a straightforward manner. In his recent article about creeper moves and Brad Pitt, however, I think he lost his way.

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Dalai Lama

Here Comes the Judge!

Dalai Lama quote about judgment

Do you judge? Or are you judgmental?

Wait, what? You mean there’s a difference? I submit to you there is, though we can use different words, if you’d like: discerning versus judgmental. Better?

Leon, a 40-something single, tells you he likes dating the young 20-somethings. You, Denise, a 50-something divorcee, thinks that’s gross and immature. What do you do? Read more

batter striking out

Strike One and You’re Out!

no second chance for this batter
As a middle aged, unmarried man it shouldn’t be very surprising that most of my friends and acquaintances are also middle aged and unmarried. That means I have a lot of friends doing the dating thing: online dating, singles bars, singles mixers, etc. One thing I notice quite often is how many of them abide by the “one strike and you’re out” rule. No second chances. I’m not convinced this is in their best interest when it comes to finding a good companion.
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