harm caused by good intent is still harm

Ruining lives on social media

Has social media become the new Neighborhood Watch or is it just a lynch mob of supposedly well-meaning Netizens trying to grab a little fame for their do-good ways? Maybe we should look at some of the lives that have been ruined before making that decision? Read more

riding the negativity train

Stop seeking the negative

Did you hear the Internet uproar recently about BudLight’s ad campaign that featured the phrase “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary?” The keepers of all that is right and fair in the world were notably flustered and offended. And who doesn’t love to be offended from time to time? Me, actually. Read more

angry man

Dealing with male anger

I’ve recently taken greater notice of an online action<->reaction phenomenon in which the response to some comment, post, or action is met with a response totally out of proportion. Think “killing a mosquito with a nuclear bomb” kind of out of proportion. And, yes, it’s usually guys taking it to a potentially violent level. It doesn’t have to be that way. Read more

Call to compassion

Our Calling to be Compassionate

Call to compassionIf you’re one of my American listeners it would be hard to have missed the recent events in Ferguson and New York that have reignited the discussion about race and poverty. There has been no shortage of opinions and outrage and it has been somewhat discouraging. I fear that in our need to be right Read more