some toppings are a good match

Bad matches

The best matches come when you pair two great tastes that taste great together. This is especially important in relationships.

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diogenes great man

Where are the really great guys?

We at MOD Love have had considerable success engaging our audience on Social Media with inspirational quotes and sage advice from philosophers, poets, and spiritual leaders. Whether we’re quoting Rumi, Williamson, Tolle, or Dyer, our fans really connect with the truths revealed by these great thinkers and feelers. But a common question from our female listeners is, “where do I find guys who live these truths? Where are the great guys?” They want to know where the emotionally ready, spiritually mature, self-aware men are. Well, I’ll tell you.

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two fingers

Skip the OD for VD

Ok guys, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, if you’re like me, you’ve probably done the whole Oppositional-Defiant (OD) thing and tried not to celebrate it. This year I’m thinking differently and I think you should, too. Here’s why.

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How to change a man

Jodi recently sent me a terrific article about some traits men need to handle strong women. While I was in agreement with pretty much the author had to say, what tickled my funny bone for the week were the comments. For instance:

I think I shall be handing this to Prince Charming when he arrives…

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understanding women

A Conversation with Leslie Ziemba of Amore Matchmaking

understanding womenI was recently invited to participate in a video with Leslie Ziemba of Amore Matchmaking to discuss an article from The Good Men Project that has received considerable interest among both men and women. In it, author Steve Horsmon discusses 5 things he wishes his father had known and shared with him before getting married. Is this all there is to understanding women? Read more

chess board

When is a Game not a Game?

playing games - chess“Steve, all she does is play games. I can’t stand it.”

“Why do guys always play games? Why can’t they just return a call?”

If you have some single friends, I’m sure you’ve heard something similar. Maybe you’ve said it yourself. Games! We hate when people play games with us and we vow not to play games ourselves, am I right? So, where do these games come from and why do we still play them? If they weren’t successful we’d have stopped playing them, wouldn’t we? Could it be that the games are based on something that actually has value?

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batter striking out

Strike One and You’re Out!

no second chance for this batter
As a middle aged, unmarried man it shouldn’t be very surprising that most of my friends and acquaintances are also middle aged and unmarried. That means I have a lot of friends doing the dating thing: online dating, singles bars, singles mixers, etc. One thing I notice quite often is how many of them abide by the “one strike and you’re out” rule. No second chances. I’m not convinced this is in their best interest when it comes to finding a good companion.
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girls jumping in a pool

Don’t Pee in Your Pool!

jump in a pool rather than launch a social media rant“What an awful date! The men in this town suck!” screams the Facebook post in my news feed. As is often the case, the name of the heinous gentleman is omitted. All is good, then, right? We all love a good social media rant. Not so fast.
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holding hands

Yes, You. And You, Too!

dating multiple people is more than holding hands

Ah, dating. Some people hate it. Some love it. Some want to do it an awful lot.

On the MOD Love radio show, we recently received a question from one male listener asking how to go about dating multiple people – women – without, in less colorful language than he used, “making them angry.”  The writer recently ended a long term relationship and was interested in dating multiple women, but didn’t want to be sneaky. Read more