delete facebook

Sorry Facebook, I’m Breaking Up With You

dearDear Facebook,

It’s with some regret that I must tell you that it’s time to go our separate ways.

It’s not me. It’s you.

Ok, maybe it’s us, but that’s not important.

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negativity magney

Stuck to the Negativity Magnet

Thanks to the recent, ugly departure of the Florida State University Seminoles from the College Football Playoffs, there has been a considerable amount of commiserating and complaining online. A mutual friend of ours made the comment that FSU fans are the worst. Being from Boston, myself, I’ve always heard the same negative reaction to [Red Sox | Patriots | Bruins] fans. And yet, both Jodi and I have known so many great, polite, enthusiastic, and friendly fans of our teams, we wondered where these opinions come from? And then it struck me. Read more

facebook creeping on laptop

Facebook Creeping – Part Deux

facebook creeping on laptopIf you thought my last article about Facebook Creeping was the end of it, well, think again. I still have more to say. Go figure! Let’s call this Facebook Creeping, Part II.

As I was thinking more about this male Facebook Creeping phenomenon I was reminded of some of my own behaviors from childhood. With Facebook Creeping, the man sits in front of his computer Read more

facebook creeping cat

Don’t Be the Pennsylvania Poker

facebook creeping catMaybe the effects of Halloween haven’t completely worn off, but I still seem to be stuck on the topic of creepiness. Today’s subtopic? Facebook creeping.

Guys – if you’re sending Pokes to strangers on Facebook just because you think their profile picture is attractive, you’re being creepy. And if we’re going to give it the Brad test – yes it’s still creepy if your profile picture looks like Brad Pitt – because no one is going to believe that is you. Even if it is you. Sorry Brad, guess you’re stuck with Angelina. Read more

girls jumping in a pool

Don’t Pee in Your Pool!

jump in a pool rather than launch a social media rant“What an awful date! The men in this town suck!” screams the Facebook post in my news feed. As is often the case, the name of the heinous gentleman is omitted. All is good, then, right? We all love a good social media rant. Not so fast.
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