angry man

Dealing with male anger

I’ve recently taken greater notice of an online action<->reaction phenomenon in which the response to some comment, post, or action is met with a response totally out of proportion. Think “killing a mosquito with a nuclear bomb” kind of out of proportion. And, yes, it’s usually guys taking it to a potentially violent level. It doesn’t have to be that way. Read more

angry man

I shouldn’t have said that

Here it is, Lenten Season for our Christian friends and, having been raised Catholic, old habits die hard. It’s with this in mind that I offer up my own moment of atonement. I said some things I shouldn’t have. Read more

understanding women

A Conversation with Leslie Ziemba of Amore Matchmaking

understanding womenI was recently invited to participate in a video with Leslie Ziemba of Amore Matchmaking to discuss an article from The Good Men Project that has received considerable interest among both men and women. In it, author Steve Horsmon discusses 5 things he wishes his father had known and shared with him before getting married. Is this all there is to understanding women? Read more