Stage Talk Preview: Christmas Cabaret

Stage Talk Preview: Christmas Cabaret

The temperature is dropping, colored lights are popping up all around the neighborhoods, and Christmas music fills the air. No where is that more apparent than at the Charleston Performing Arts Center on James Island, where their talented troupe of performers is staging a Christmas Cabaret. Once again, Straight Talk with Steve has a backstage look at this fantastic show! Read more

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Review: The Pruning Session podcast

As a creator of podcasts I have to admit that I rarely have time to be a consumer of such┬ámedia. A short commute, a job that requires focus, and most free time devoted to writing and producing leave me with little chance to hear all the great stuff that’s out there. I recently took a few hours to review a number of podcasts, though, and there’s one that stands out that I just need to share. I give you: The Pruning Session.

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