drama queen

Isn’t it Dramatic?

drama queen

A few months back we received a listener question asking about drama queens. Why, he asked, did he keep attracting these women – women who have drama with exes, friends, and all other areas of life? He asked if he should move to a different part of the country? Our advice, as I recall, Read more

man with business card

Truth in Advertising

man with business cardGather ’round, men. We need to talk.Wait! Don’t go away, ladies. I have something for you, too. Let me address the men first, though.

Ok guys, if there’s one thing I’ve heard from women more than anything else it’s that they’re frustrated with men not representing themselves honestly. They say things like, “Why does he ask me to hang out rather than saying let’s go on a date!” or “Why does he say he’ll come by sometime and then never show up or call?” Read more