Stage Talk Preview – Dreamgirls: the Revue Returns

A show so good, the Charleston Performing Arts Center decided to do it twice. Heck, I thought it was so good, when they asked me to be in it, I jumped at the chance. For this preview, I changed the format up a little bit with an interview with Dreamgirls Deidra Brooks and Tiffany West. Give a listen below. And then come see the show. Why? Keep reading.

I could go on about how great the music is in this show. Even if you’re in your younger years, you’ve heard this music. This is the music that influenced so many of today’s great girl groups: En Vogue, Destiny’s Child, the Go Go’s, the list goes on and on. If you’re looking for pure entertainment that you can sing along to, this is it. But there’s more.

Having the opportunity, however brief, to be part of the rehearsal process gave me some insights you may not be aware of. The amount of hard work and dedication the women of this cast have put in. Learning the music, learning the dances, learning the dialog and the feel of the 60’s required many hours of hard work and late nights. This isn’t some minor hobby to fit into your free time – it consumes it, leaving little time for socializing or family, but providesĀ a reward like no other: your enjoyment.

I got to witness this group – women from different backgrounds and with different skills – come together and collaborate and cooperate. Each helping the other, none complaining about a rehearsal that needed extending into the wee hours. If someone had a problem, they came together as a team to fix it – no judgment, just a dedication to putting on a great show.

Not to get political, but if our society pulled together like this, we’d be in pretty darn good shape. These women are role models – examples of hard work, goal-setting, picking each other up when one gets down, following a passion.

Sure, you can come out for entertainment. You can also come out to witness the very best product of hard work and passion for music, dance, performance. Come join us!

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